I thought it might be a sort of fun and meta to make my first review about WordPress itself.  I’m new to this environment, though not new to blogging in general.  I have a friend on TypePad with a site that I contribute to on occasion that seems pretty slick, but I was looking for FREE, not slick.

I haven’t had a chance to evaluate everything there is to see on here, and I probably never will, but I’ve at least started (as you can see) and selected a theme, etc.  I’ve linked in the upper corner to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’ve even designed my own icon (the “rxr” one) with a freebie program called Inkscape. It might be fun to push the limits of WordPress, with polls and media stuff as well.  I realize I’m way behind the curve on this, since blogs are dead. (Thanks for the info, Ryan.)

The layout of the dashboard seems user friendly. I haven’t gotten lost yet. There are also some tutorials that would make just about anyone comfortable here. (I skipped the first three, I think.)

By and large, I’m pleased. It took me a few minutes to find the help screen that told me how to format this text next to the image to the left, because, like I said, I’m stuck in 1997. But I did find it. I hope I like this just as much when I’ve been blogging for six months.


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