Banana Leaf

I’m a big fan of Malaysian cuisine. I first had it in Australia, and since a couple of times in New York and Vancouver. It’s not particularly easy to find, so I like to pounce on it when I have the opportunity. Driving down West Broadway in Vancouver, I spotted Banana Leaf and thought, “Yay!”

Sadly, I was really unimpressed. I had a chicken noodle soup that was super-bland, and the chicken was of questionable quality, and (a big no-no in the Russell Book), it still had the skin on. Yuck. Leslie’s Nasi Goreng (a supposedly spicy noodle dish) was nearly as bad. Yes, the spring rolls were super tasty, but that wasn’t enough for me.

The happy ending to the story? I really enjoyed the sandwich I got at Tim Hortons across the street, though!


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