Gateway SX2851-41

I haven’t gotten a new computer for about six (or seven?) years. Today I plunked down five bills and got a new Gateway with an Intel 3 Core, 4 gigs of RAM, and a terabyte of hard drive.  (That made me laugh.)  I’ve just barely started using it, but I’m hoping some of the more intensive stuff (like streaming video or The Sims 3) will work a little better on this one. The old PC (a Hewlett Packard) wasn’t quite dead yet, but I wasn’t looking forward to reripping eleven thousand CDs of music when it gave up the ghost.

Not a fan of the mouse (too small) or the keyboard (also too small, and a little squishy). But at least the PC is a little less stuffed with software I’m never going to use. (Actually, Skype is quite welcome. As is Windows 7.)

Here’s hoping the data transfer process goes smoothly!


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