I’m a fan of video games, but I don’t immediately try out every one that comes down the pike.  Never played Halo.  Never played Assassin’s Creed.  Never played Call of Duty.

But a good hack and slash game with some online capability? That I like. I always loved Doom and Castle Wolfenstein. So, at the urging of both of my brothers, I picked up a copy of Borderlands. Long story short, you’re a treasure hunter in a post-apocalyptic hellscape of bandits and mutant creatures, looking for some lost “vault” of immeasurable treasure.

I’m still getting my legs under me, but I’ve completed a few of the missions, and the look of the thing is wonderful, like a 3D comic book. The gameplay is just about like every other one out there (one stick for looking, the other stick for moving). I’m looking forward to playing cooperative with people I know (as opposed to the million gamers out there I don’t know, who, if my past experiences are a guide, are all jerks). I’m also looking forward to getting some of the cooler weapons and vehicles. 🙂

If you like this kind of action, it might be worth a look if you can find a copy for $20 like I did.


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