Emergency Alert System

I’ve seen these Amber Alerts before, but I had a really unusual experience tonight. The alert interrupted a recording on my TiVo! I was confused at first, thinking the DVR had recorded the alert earlier in the evening, but I couldn’t pause it or fast forward past it. It was just… there. I had no idea that they had that kind of (a) ability, or, more interestingly, (b) authority to hack into my viewing. Can’t say I’m opposed, though. This information is more important than “Hawaii 5-0”.

What I am opposed to is the super creepy announcer voice. You know, if I was at home alone and had the lights down, that announcement would have given me a serious case of the willies. It’s like I’m listening to the kidnapper brag about his crime. I don’t know if that’s the result of some intensive psychological research, looking for the kind of voice that will undeniably grab your attention… or it was just the best recording quality they could afford. But I’ll tell you, it’s frickin’ hard to ignore.


One thought on “Emergency Alert System

  1. One way to make it more creepy is to include a visual of Pennywise the clown.

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