Community – “Paradigms of Human Memory”

This show started off great and just got better. I don’t know when they’re going to run out of ways to be inventive, but I hope it takes them a few more seasons. Just this season they’ve had an episode that skewered the mockumentary style of The Office and Parks and Recreation. They had a claymation episode. They had an episode with a magic trampoline which was tended to by a crazy racist. (No, I didn’t make that up.)

Last night they one-upped themselves again. My TiVo described this one as follows: “Members of the study group think back on their times together.” Okay, so, they’re popular and in their second season, why not have a clip show? Hopefully it wouldn’t suck too much. And it was a clip show… with clips of shows that never existed. It was frickin’ awesome! I was left wishing that I could have seen the St. Patrick’s Day episode, or the one with the old west ghost town. They even did the “let’s show a quick series of clips of an ongoing gag all in a row” thing, putting Dean Pelton in an Emmy worthy string of outlandish costumes.

I want this show to end only after they make an episode that doesn’t make me laugh out loud.


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