Dahlia Workshop

I’ve been to a number of Tom Douglas’s restaurants here in Seattle. Lola is perfection, Etta’s is disappointing, Serious Pie is delicious. Today I tried out one of his newest, only a couple or three months old, Dahlia Workshop.

It’s a small place on the first floor of a two story space. (Sharing the first floor is a wine shop, and on the second is another Serious Pie location.) Workshop is all about the biscuits. In fact, the first half of the menu is labelled “BISCUITS”. I tried the fennel sausage biscuit, which came with an egg and some pepper relish and fontina cheese. It was really quite tasty. The sausage was great, but the biscuit was the surprise, buttery without falling apart in my hands. Leslie had the fried chicken biscuit (with the gravy on the side to make it less completely disgusting). She loved it.

The service was kind of slow. I think they’re staffed short. There was only one guy at the griddle, and while they weren’t swamped, there was a steady flow of Sunday afternoon patrons wandering in. But that’s a minor gripe when the food is so good and the people are so nice.



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