Happy Endings

We all loved Friends. No, really. What? You say you never watched it? Liar! You watched it and you liked it!

Of course, after ten years, Friends had to end. But what’s stopping TV executives from trying to recapture that magic? Nothing, it seems.

Here’s a thought experiment for you:

  • Imagine that Joey is a little less dense, his dream is being a restauranteur instead of an actor, and he has a hip little goatee. (Zachary Knighton)
  • Imagine that Rachel left Joey at the altar instead of Barry, and that she has her own dress shop instead of working for Ralph Lauren. (Elisha Cuthbert)
  • Imagine that Ross is black (Damon Wayans, Jr.), and that he’s married to Monica, who’s white, so that’s not weird. (Eliza Coupe)
  • Imagine that Phoebe is a brunette with more money, but shakier social skills. (Casey Wilson)
  • Imagine that Chandler is actually gay, but, strangely, gives off a less gay vibe. (Adam Pally)
  • Now imagine that they live in Chicago.

That’s Happy Endings. Of course, it’s not a total Friends clone. It also borrows heavily from 30 Rock (whip-fast pacing) and How I Met Your Mother (reliance on amusing flashbacks). Personally, I like it. I particularly like it when they get all meta. (Not as meta as Community, but who’s ever going to match that kind of awesomeness?) One episode introduced us to Damon Wayans Jr’s dad… played by Damon Wayans. Awesome. Another gave us a 24 joke about Elisha Cuthbert. Note to producers: if you actually hire Kiefer Sutherland to play her dad, I will love you forever.

I don’t imagine this thing garnering Emmy’s, but I definitely wouldn’t begrudge them a couple of years on the box.


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