Star Trek Villains

I just saw the teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. It looks pretty awesome… but then, of course, all I have to go off of are fleeting images and a monologue by the bad guy, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Which made me think a little about the history of Star Trek films. So here is my review of Star Trek movie antagonists:

Film Antagonist Agenda Defeat Nationality of Actor Russell’s Review
The Motion Picture V’ger Know all that is knowable Interfaced with biological entity; shifted into another plane of existence Indian Interesting idea, but limp performance.
Wrath of Khan Khan Noonien Singh Vengeance for perceived misdeeds Blow’d up Mexican Well, this is the gold standard, isn’t it? Note how personal the conflict is, even though Khan and Kirk are never in the same room together.
Search for Spock Kruge Lust for power Dropped into a lake of lava American Scenery-chewing fun, but ultimately forgettable.
The Voyage Home Alien probe Talk to whales Allowed to talk to whales N/A They managed to make the probe scary and cute at the same time. Kudos.
The Final Frontier Sybok Meet God Heroically redemptive act American His final confrontation with “God” is badass, but everything up to that point… [snore]
The Undiscovered Country Chang War! Blow’d up Canadian Sort of Khan-lite. (Shakespeare instead of Melville.)
Generations Tolian Soran Immortality Blow’d up English Loved this guy. “Time is the fire in which we burn.”
First Contact Borg Queen Assimilation of humanity Liquefied South African The scenes with Data were pretty awesome. But giving the Collective a leader seemed to miss the point of the Borg.
Insurrection Ru’afo Vengeance for perceived misdeeds Blow’d up American More forgettable scenery-chewing.
Nemesis Shinzon Vengeance for perceived misdeeds Skewered English An interesting take on cloning shifted into standard bad guy antics in the final act.
Star Trek Nero Vengeance for perceived misdeeds Blow’d up Australian Even more forgettable scenery-chewing.
Into Darkness ??? Vengeance for perceived misdeeds (if the trailer is to be believed) Blow’d up (if history is any indicator) English Here’s hoping Sherlock brings the awesome!



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