Yahoo! Trending Now Box

yahoo trending nowSome thoughts on a recent Yahoo! Trending Now box:

  1. Chris Brown is the name of my brother-in-law. Whenever I see that musician guy in the news, I first wonder, “Is something happening with Leslie’s brother I should know about? Was he fiddling with the gas main at his house?”
  2. I assume this is about “The Hulk” and not, like Hulk Hogan or something…
  3. Should I care which Osbourne is seizing? If I don’t, does that make me a bad person?
  4. “Miley Cyrus split?” In two? Hopefully?
  5. I care as much about a basketball player’s marital status as I do about a basketball players… uh… anything. In that I don’t.
  6. What? Is she, like too fat now? Or too thin? Give me more information about Jennie Garth, Trending Now!
  7. The only thing scary about Kim Kardashian is everything about Kim Kardashian.
  8. Okay. That’s a story. Might have to click on that one.
  9. Dang it! I just know that means I lost on Wednesday! (Stories about how the Powerball jackpot is back down to 20 million never trend, now do they?)
  10. See #5.

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