Today I Read a Blog

The number of blogs I follow could be counted on one hand. By and large, they are pointless and annoying. (I count this blog in that number. I’m not a consistent reviewer, even if I think the reviews themselves are at least passable.)

However, I do follow and look forward to posts from Today I Watched a Movie. This is partly because I like both movies and movie reviews and partly because I appreciate a good meta-theme as much as the next meta-guy. But also because his posts are succinct (i.e. easy to read on my phone) and very specifically formatted. He evaluates each movie on five metrics: Plot, Characters, Visuals, Rewatchability, and my personal favorite, Product Placement. I don’t even tend to notice product placements in movies unless they are egregious. (I’m looking at you, E.T.) Actually, I find them much more intrusive in TV (Hawaii 5-0), but that’s probably because they just aren’t as good at it yet.

Anyway, since I have used about three TIWAM reviews’ worth of words to review TIWAM, I’ll stop soon. Whether I agree with him or not, I love reading this blog.


One thought on “Today I Read a Blog

  1. Thanks for the kind words! It’s nice to know when people put there enjoy what I do.

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