The Crazy Ones

tcoAfter watching the pilot of this new show, I can say that Robin Williams is still pretty hilarious, Sarah Michelle Gellar is as charming as ever, and that every other character is extremely forgettable. (Well, except guest star Kelly Clarkson. She was fun.)

A David Kelly show about an older, somewhat daft yet brilliant icon and his hapless daughter is not the makings of groundbreaking television. What might be groundbreaking (and I haven’t decided whether it’s brilliant or horrifying) is that the plots (or, at least the plot of the pilot) revolve around an ad campaign for a real company, in this case, McDonalds. The show has to walk the line between being realistic and fawning all over their Product Placement of the Week. For example, at no time did anyone mention the term “fast food”, or discuss fat or calories. The closest they came to actually commenting on McDonalds was Clarkson’s question, “You want me to sing about meat?”

The pilot was good, but I think they have to create some fake brands, or else the show will feel as empty as that bag of fries after I get through with it.


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