Sherlock Holmes Analysis – Mrs. Hudson

This minor character doesn’t actually get representation (that I can see) in any of the Holmes Lite shows, so we have only three performances to compare:

Geraldine James (Guy Ritchie film series) — This Mrs. Hudson is little more than a traditional angry housekeeper who is endlessly annoyed at Sherlock’s filthy ways. She’s funny enough, but serves as nothing more than comic relief in a film series already filled with comedy.

Candys Cayne (Elementary) — They get points for doing one of several gender switches, this time converting the Mrs. Husdon from Conan Doyle’s stories to a transexual. The character is sort of soft-spoken, despite her larger-than-life physical presence. An interesting take, though she’s appeared in only one episode.

Una Stubbs (Sherlock) — The Winner! This Mrs. Hudson is polite, but outspoken. She’s not strictly a housekeeper, as she reminds her “boys” all the time. Funny and sweet, she’s our best Mrs. Hudson by a mile.


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