24: Live Another Day

I was a big fan of 24. It was definitely destination television for me. Even when the stories drifted into the ridiculous (I’m looking at you, Season 6), it was still entirely enjoyable.

24ladIt’s been a long time (four years, I think?) since the show made it’s final bow, and now, seeing this new iteration, I am forced to come to the following conclusion: this is hard to do. I have seen several shows that have tried, in some form or fashion, to replicate the sort of all-action, all-grim-determination, crazy-plot-twists-every-week formula of 24, and none have come close. (The shows that spring to mind are The Event, Prison Break and Crisis. I’m sure there are plenty more that I never bothered to watch.)

For this new season, the story has been trimmed down to twelve hours, so, in some sense the title is a lie! Not that I mind. It was usually around the twelve hour mark in past seasons that you could tell the writers were casting around for the next arc. Now, we get one good twelve-hour arc. And what a doozy it is! We have:

  • Jack as a fugitive from the US government
  • Chloe working for a guy who is part Anonymous, part Julian Assange
  • A CIA operative trying to prove her mettle after her husband was found to be a Chinese spy
  • President Heller trying to negotiate a critical treaty while fighting off dementia
  • The Chief of Staff (who is also the husband of the first daughter!) trying to maintain control of a spiraling diplomatic disaster, and…
  • A machine that can take control of US death drones

And that’s just in the first two hours. Dang, I love this show so much!

My only question is, with only twelve hours, will they have the opportunity to make their usual one joke per season? Here’s hoping.


13 thoughts on “24: Live Another Day

  1. Hour 1 Joke: When Jack was being detained by de facto CTU in London, he was handcuffed and interrogated while shirtless…..fast forward……he’s still sitting there in the interrogation chair handcuffed, but now wearing his shirt. How’d they do that??? 😉

  2. Hour 2 Joke: Jack and Chloe arrive at a run down housing project to take Yates into custody, and Jack asks Chloe if she can plug into the closed circuit camera network. Because of course, that’s where you’d naturally expect to find a bunch of closed circuit cameras…..at a run down housing project! 😉

  3. Hour 3 Joke: Jack and Chloe return to The Computer Camp for Nerds, and Jack asks for help in creating a fake ID that will get him into the US Embassy. Problem? No problem. Will only take them a matter of minutes. What kind of security apparatus are we supposed to think that the US has??? 😉

  4. Hour 4 Joke: Ironically, Marwan had just purchased Simone a pinky ring for their upcoming anniversary. 😉 (okay, that was my own joke, but don’t tell me you weren’t thinking of something along those lines yourself!)

  5. Hour 4 Joke: Despite the Marines having the plans for the US Embassy, they can’t figure out what CIA Agent Kate can – if you climb through the human-sized (conveniently enough) air duct, you can reach the computer room where Jack had taken “hostages.”

  6. Hour 5 Joke: The President’s daughter is not only present at a high-security-level, classified meeting regarding potential drone attacks….but she’s asking questions!? Shades of Amy Carter advising Jimmy on nuclear weapons. Also, are we really supposed to believe that after being able to hack into every kind of computer network, Chloe is unable to gain access to the CIA’s network in London??? Really???

  7. Hour 6 Joke: Despite the evil arms dealer’s tight security, and despite the fact that he thought Jack had betrayed him, he didn’t reset his super-secret security code at his front door in the 1-2 weeks since Jack left??? C’mon!?

  8. Hour 7 Joke: Could just make fun of the inane Jack vs. The Drones scenes, but instead, how about Jack stealing the homeless guy’s favorite brick to use to weigh down the accelerator in SUV #1???

  9. Hour 8 Joke: The characters on the show continue to heal at an amazing rate. Jack is showing no ill effects from having been shot in Hour 2. Kate is showing no ill effects from being tortured at the end of Hour 5. Jordan is recovering from his gaping chest wound in Hour 8. And even President Heller recuperates immediately from the “surgery” that Jack performs on him. At least I think that was Heller….it was tough to tell if it was really him because of his ingenious disguise of a plain baseball cap!

  10. Hour 9 Joke: Evil henchman son doesn’t look at the video of Heller’s “death” until he’s just about to scuttle the last remaining drone….and THEN he notices the You Tube logo in the corner of the video??? 😉 And then when we go into the “Die Hard Jack” scenes, we’re again treated to the group of evil henchmen who can’t shoot straight, if at all.

  11. Hour 10 Joke: Jack chases this year’s mole through the streets of a deserted London…deserted until he’s trying to find Adrian, that is. All of the sudden, half the city is in the same Tube station!?

  12. Hour 11 Joke: When the Americans pull up to rescue Jack and Kate from the Russians, they yell “Federal Agents! Stop!” An odd thing to yell because they’re in England…. 😉

  13. Hour 12 Joke (the biggest one of them all): What happened to The Override Device? This entire miniseries has been about the drones and chasing down The Override Device. But when Jack storms the ship, shoots a bunch of evil henchmen who (as usual) can’t shoot straight, and beheads the evil Cheng (don’t ever call Jack “Mees-Tah Bow-ah” to his face!), there’s no mention of The Override Device at all. None. Oops! 😉

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