Evan Almighty

eaIn the pantheon of unnecessary sequels, Evan Almighty has to be one of the best examples.

Bruce Almighty was a cute, funny, still largely disposable piece of cinema. Watching Jim Carrey take on the powers (and responsibilities) of God was fun. And having Morgan Freeman be the God in question makes it even better.

But apparently, one decent film isn’t enough for Hollywood, so they took one of the smaller roles from the original, Evan (Steve Carell) and expanded it into the lead for this one. And instead of giving Evan God-powers, they give him… Noah-powers. I don’t know if I’d refer to a man with the ability to grow a really fast beard and attract pairs of animals to himself as “almighty”, but whatever.

Carell is just plain funny, so there’s nothing wrong with his performance. Ditto Morgan Freeman. But having all these animal shenanigans happening in the US Congress, no less, was just dumb. By the end, when the flood arrives and destroys an entire community because of a shoddily built dam, I’m just amazed by this shoddily built film.

Molly Shannon was in Evan Almighty with John Michael Higgins, who was in…


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