Blade: Trinity

btThe first Blade was an exceptional film. Blade II was less exceptional, but it had some good moments. Since you just aren’t really making a serious film series unless it’s a trilogy, it was perhaps inevitable that a third Blade film had to come along. Thankfully, they didn’t drop the ball. They made an engaging film with some real menace behind it.

A group of vampires, led by Parker Posey’s Danica, track down and unearth what is described as “the first vampire”, a horrifying nightmare creature that eventually takes the form of Dominic Purcell. He’s referred to as Drake, but the implication is that he’s really the template for the storybook version of vampires, Dracula.

Since the hero of the show is Blade, who’s a “daywalker”, basically a nice vampire, you can’t have the bad guy be just another vampire. He has to be more than a vampire. In the first film, Stephen Dorff is transformed into a vampire god. In Blade II, Luke Goss is this sort of uber-vampire who feeds on other vampires. This time around, Drake is capable of walking around in daytime, and he is very nearly too disruptive even for the regular vampires, though they keep him around as muscle, as they perfect their blood farm scheme of turning humanity into the food source they should be. Drake is definitely down with this plan.

The ace in the hole for this film is the inclusion of Ryan Reynolds as the horribly named Hannibal King, a wise-cracking vampire hunter who used to be a familiar. He adds some humor to what has been, up to this point, a largely grim film series. On the other hand, a bland Jessica Biel as Whistler’s daughter doesn’t add that much. Similarly, the rogues gallery of “Nightstalkers”, as they call themselves are so obviously fodder for a second act massacre, you really don’t mind too much when they’re wiped out because that means we’ve gotten to the finale.

By and large, the film is superior to the second, though still inferior to the first. But I found it enjoyable.

John Michael Higgins was in Blade: Trinity with Wesley Snipes. Wesley Snipes was in…


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