The Last Samurai

tlsThere’s no shortage of films where a white guy infiltrates a society of others, and he ditches his loyalty to his white guy friends and helps the others. Dances with Wolves springs to mind. Avatar. Even, a little bit, The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (which I will be reviewing later).

In this one, Tom Cruise is a soldier with a troubled past who is hired by the Japanese government to help them modernize. And, in the process, he learns about the traditional Japanese ways, which the government look down on, in their headlong race toward westernization. Cruise finds love (of course), and bonds with a super-traditional Ken Watanabe. He also learns the way of the samurai. You know, honor and death in battle. Klingon worldview, in other words.

There’s nothing particularly special about the film. Watching Cruise be a bad ass with a sword is fun, and the friendship between him and Watanabe is nice, and the cinematography is pretty. But I can’t say I love it.

Billy Connolly was in The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise was in…


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