The Spirit

tsI went back through my reviews, and somehow, I didn’t commit my review of this film to the internet. This was a glorious oversight, because, man, was this film bad. Extraordinarily, unbelievably bad.

Frank Miller is a comic guy, and he managed (with Robert Rodriguez’s help) to make a great movie out of one of his comic series, Sin City. So, some executive somewhere said, “Hey, let’s let this guy try it again with another of his comics! What could go wrong?”

Everything. Everything could go wrong.

The story: stupid. Gabriel Macht plays a cop who gets killed… except now he’s immortal. Why? Who knows? He just is. They didn’t even make it all creepy and weird like The Crow. He’s just running around, undead, I guess? In a red tie. A very red tie. That tie is just so very important.

The characters: stupid. Every last person in this film may be turning in their career worst performance. I mean, Macht is always kind of a snooze, and I have no reason to expect a good performance from Eva Mendes or Jaime King. But, Scarlett… Samuel… you are both so much better than this.

The action: stupid. I don’t remember any of the action beats in this film… and that’s saying something.

This film singlehandedly made me stop looking forward to the Sin City sequel, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s one of the reasons that sequel took so long to make.

Unless you have an overpowering urge to see two of the stars of The Avengers in Nazi outfits for no reason at all, avoid this film.

Scarlett Johansson was in The Spirit with Gabriel Macht. Gabriel Macht was in…


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