The Recruit

Colin Farrell isn’t always in the best films, but, God bless him, he always puts his best foot forward in his performance. (Watch Daredevil and tell me he’s not the best thing about it.)

trIn this film, Farrell plays a software genius who’s trying to break into the big time when Al Pacino arrives as a CIA recruiter to get him into the Agency. What follows is a sequence showing how covert agents are introduced to the Agency’s ways, how they’re weeded out, and how they begin their lives as spies. (Or, you know, the Hollywood version of that.) The twist here is that Farrell is washed out… only to be approached again by Pacino to be a deep cover operative, one that only a handful of people will know exists.

That’s all pretty good stuff. When his mission is revealed to be to thwart the gal who he fancied back in training (Bridget Moynahan), the film shifts into a psychological drama, with neither person really trusting the other, despite their seemingly real relationship. This squishy middle third of the film isn’t nearly as interesting to me as the opening.

The finale, when secrets are revealed is a little more by-the-numbers than I hoped, but it gives Pacino a chance to chew some scenery, and we’re all about that, now aren’t we?

Gabriel Macht was in The Recruit with Al Pacino. Al Pacino was in…


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