The Lego Movie

tlmWith this as a title, the filmmakers can do pretty much anything they want to. And they did. This is the very definition of a kitchen-sink movie. The previews spoiled some of the characters from other universes who sneak their way into this film, but by no means all of them.

Chris Pratt plays the affable hero, Emmet, like a smarter version of his Parks and Recreation character. Elizabeth Banks gets to be a bad-ass. Will Arnett gets to be Batman. Morgan Freeman gets to be a wise old man. (Okay, maybe that’s not too much of a stretch for him.) The craziness of the action is fun, though at times dizzying. And the finale is surprisingly emotional. I would rather not spoil it if anyone hasn’t seen it yet. But, suffice to say, it went a direction I didn’t expect.

They’ve already greenlit three sequels, which seems more than this world can support, but who knows? Maybe they can make this into a full-fledged franchise.

Channing Tatum was in The Lego Movie with Charlie Day. Charlie Day was in…


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