The Expendables 2

The first Expendables was a surprisingly fun piece of cinema. The gimmick of pulling a bunch of aging action stars together into one film felt a little like a super-ambitious SNL Short. But it really worked, partly because the performances were just as real as the story was doofy.

Really, I don’t remember much about it, except for the short-but-sweet three-way scene with Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stallone, and one truly heartfelt scene with Mickey Rourke.

e2Sadly, for the sequel they amped up the dumb and made even character appearances seem like in-jokes. Expanding Arnold and Bruce’s parts was great. Using them for one liners was a mistake. And the whole “playing into the meme” thing with Chuck Norris got really old really fast.

Liam Hemsworth was in The Expendables 2 with Terry Crews. Terry Crews was in…


One thought on “The Expendables 2

  1. Very silly. But still fun. If you take it for what it is. Nice review.

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