The Expendables 3

e3Now they seem to understand how to make this series work. I think this is the best of the franchise, if only by a hair’s breadth.

For this film, we get more Jet Li (always good), and more Statham/Stallone bromance (also good). But we get a few things we did not expect. For example, Kelsey Grammer crushes it as a talent broker helping Stallone put together a new team. (That alone is kind of funny. He dumps Statham from the team, because Statham is too old? Please.) We also get a fun Wesley Snipes. (When was the last time we saw that guy smile in a movie?)

The other addition is an incredible scene-stealing Antonio Banderas as a mercenary wannabe with some serious issues about reading the room and oversharing.

The structure of the film is also nicely simplified compared to previous installments. There’s an hour or so of enjoyable setup leading to one insane battle sequence at the end that brought the awesome, as far as I was concerned.

No one is going to mistake these films for art, but this one is a riot.

Terry Crews was in The Expendables 3 with Kelsey Grammer. Kelsey Grammer was in…


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