I, Frankenstein

ifI saw the preview for this and thought, “Wow. That will be terrible.” But it showed up on my Amazon Prime screen, and I was bored one night. So I watched it. Here’s an eight word review:

Best possible movie from the worst premise ever.

What do I mean by that? Almost everything in this film is great.

The acting is uniformly great. Eckhart has a tortured intensity in his Monster character. Otto is motherly and conflicted as the leader of a troop of angels. Nighy goes to the evil end of his ridiculous range as the leader of a troop of demons. Strahovski does what she can with an underwritten “the way we get a pretty girl into the action movie is make her a scientist” character. Even Jai Courtney does some good work.

The special effects are pretty consistently good. (I mean, when you’re dealing with demons and angels, you immediately get a pass for things looking unrealistic.)

The production design, the cinematography, even the story. These things are all done the best they can be… when the premise of your film is that Frankenstein’s Monster is the key to keeping a demon horde from overrunning the world with reanimated coma patients.

So, kudos to everyone except the studio executive who greenlit the thing in the first place.

Aaron Eckhart was in I, Frankenstein with Miranda Otto. Miranda Otto was in…


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