The Equalizer

teI watched the original show on which this film is based a couple of times. It was fine, escapist stuff, but nothing interesting enough to be destination TV.

This film version is definitely living in a different space. This Robert McCall isn’t a soft-spoken Brit in a nice suit. It’s a soft-spoken Denzel Washington, living a simple life of service at a Home Depot-ish store. He has positive relationships with his fellow employees and a diner operator where he whiles away his sleepless nights. There’s no hint that he’s a Liam-Neeson-style one man wrecking crew early on. He just seems lonely.

He gets his heart strings pulled by an underage hooker (Chloe Grace Moretz) who gets beaten up by her Russian pimp. McCall can’t let that stand, so he tracks down the central office of the pimping group, tries to talk to them, and then unsurprisingly to anyone who sees movies, kills them all.

Strangely, the remaining Russian mafia guys don’t like this, so now it’s on. McCall’s eventual victory against impossible odds is as unbelievable as it is inevitable. Kudos, though, for getting all the action done without McCall ever having to fire a gun. Nifty.

I enjoyed the film while watching it, but it’s totally disposable entertainment that I won’t remember well in five years.


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