2015 Fall TV Pre-Review

It’s that time of year again. The time when I put my blog writing skills to their most difficult test and… Who am I kidding? This thing takes ten minutes. I spent way more time on my Interstellar review. Okay, here we go:


Angel from Hell (CBS) – I like the idea of a possible supernatural being on the show. (Anyone else remember Cupid?) But something about this just screams “6 episodes and out.” Sorry, Jane Lynch and Maggie Lawson.

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris (NBC) – Every few years someone tries to revive variety shows. I doubt this is going to be the one to stick the landing. Sorry, Neil Patrick Harris.

The Catch (ABC) – I do not like Shonda Rhimes. Sorry, Mirielle Enos.

Chicago Med (NBC) – Don’t watch Chicago Fire. Don’t watch Chicago PD. Won’t watch this. Sorry, S. Epatha Merkerson and Oliver Platt.

Heartbreaker (NBC) – Looks like a pale Shonda Rhimes ripoff. Sorry, Melissa George.

Scream Queens (Fox) – A show designed to look like a slasher film. Meh. Sorry, Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts.

Shades of Blue (NBC) – Kind of the inverse of The Shield. Won’t be watching this one either. Sorry, Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta.

Let’s Try This Again

Coach (NBC) – Okay, revisiting an old series can be painful, but the original Coach wasn’t high art. It was just plain funny. I hope this one will be too.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (CBS) – You know what? If I liked Criminal Minds, I bet I’d be on board with this show where they travel around the world. And Sinise is awesome. Sadly, though, this isn’t my scene.

Heroes Reborn (NBC) – I’m so very there. It may be a mess, but I’ll get to see Masi Oka as Hiro and Jack Coleman as HRG again. That’s all I need.

Limitless (CBS) – A follow-up to the Bradley Cooper film (and I believe he’s going to be in a cameo), the premise is intriguing enough for me to watch the pilot.

Minority Report (Fox) – This one came out of nowhere. I liked the world the Spielberg film created. I don’t know if they can maintain it, but I’ll give them a chance to try.

The Muppets (ABC) – Rebuilding the old Muppet Show as an Office style mockumentary is kind of brilliant. I hope it works.

Rush Hour (CBS) – The rare movie-to-TV translation that makes a huge amount of sense. I’ll definitely check this one out.

Uncle Buck (ABC) – Another reasonable movie-to-TV adaptation. But it sounds a little cutesy for me.

Bland Comedies, Anyone?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW) – Do I need to read the synopsis to know I won’t be watching this? No, I do not.

Dr. Ken (ABC) – Hm. House reimagined as a sitcom, with the guy from those Hangover movies. No thanks.

People Are Talking (NBC) – Oh, marriage. It is a rich mine of comedy gold. That I won’t be watching.

The Real O’Neals (ABC) – “Surprising truths” are revealed about a Catholic family? Is there any doubt the main character is gay? Is there any doubt this will be boring?

Superstore (NBC) – This sitcom seems like the kind of thing I would not mind watching if it’s on and there’s really nothing else to watch. I mean, like, nothing.

Telenovela (NBC) – Sounds like a cute premise. Still, though, not interested.

People Showing Up Out of Nowhere

Blindspot (NBC) – Jaimie Alexander is pretty awesome (and not hard to look at), so designing this show where we have to look at her naked body all the time is brilliant. I like a good mystery, so I’m hopeful.

Crowded (NBC) – Empty nesters have to deal with grown kids moving back in. And their parents too? Hilarious! No, not hilarious. What’s that other thing? Not hilarious.

The Family (ABC) – Politics and mysterious lost children? Seems a little too crazy for me.

Game of Silence (NBC) – Legal shenanigans and mysterious lost children? Seems a little too crazy for me.

Grandfathered (Fox) – And the “Clearly the Title Came First” award goes to…

Bland Dramas, Anyone?

Code Black (CBS) – Remember when ER started and it was groundbreaking? That ground is now broken.

The Frankenstein Code (Fox) – Basically, this is the TV procedural version of the Ryan Reynolds movie Self/less which is coming out later this year. Snore.

The Grinder (Fox) – Oh, Rob Lowe. You have had a strange and wonderful career. Also, some stinkers. This looks like one of the stinkers.

Life in Pieces (CBS) – An anthology show about one family. Weird. And not interesting.

Lucifer (Fox) – Well, it’s got name recognition. But this is kind of the ultimate anti-hero show, isn’t it? I’m wary about it. Maybe I’ll check out the pilot.

Oil (ABC) – I think when they used the phrase “ruthless tycoon” in the description, that’s when I lost interest.

Quantico (ABC) – This feels like a one season and out show. How do you sustain a show about new recruits and a mysterious mole beyond that? I’ll give it a shot, though.

Rosewood (Fox) – I think when they used the phrase “top private pathologist” in the description, that’s when I lost interest.

Wicked City (ABC) – What is it with the anthology series? Can’t we just have characters that we love for years on end?


The Bastard Executioner (Fox) – A sword-wielding action series? Always worth a look.

Containment (CW) – The Last Ship meets Under the Dome. With a dash of 24. Sounds like too difficult a task for a show, but I’ll watch the pilot.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (CW) – Will this crazy superhero mashup work? I don’t care. It’ll be fun. Also, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell together again? Awesome.

The Guide to Surviving Life (Fox) – Uh… I don’t get it. So I won’t watch it.

Of Kings and Prophets (ABC) – This is wild. I know my Bible well enough to imagine this could be awesome. Or a huge snooze. I’ll watch it to find out.

Little Big Shots (NBC) – A variety show…with kids. Did someone find my “Worst Show Ideas Ever” file and send it to Steve Harvey?

The Player (NBC) – Wesley Snipes? I don’t care what the show is about. I’m there.

Supergirl (CBS) – Yes. Absolutely, yes. I just hope they’re able to work out the inter-network crossover deals with The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

You, Me and the End of the World (NBC) – This looks like Rob Lowe’s way more fun series this season. I hope it doesn’t suck. Because it might just suck.

You the Jury (NBC) – Live civil cases decided by the audience. This is my pick for the Worst Show of the Year.


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