Five Things I Want to See in Avengers: Endgame

We’re in the home stretch, and I’ve been poring over Endgame theories online for weeks. I’m downshifting on that now that the spoilers are starting to appear.
But I’m going to throw out these ideas now. Keep in mind, these aren’t things I think need to happen, or even expect to happen. These are things that, theoretically, could happen, and if they did, would give me giddy joy. I’ll order these in what I would consider order of likelihood, most likely first:
  1. Thanos shows remorse. Now keep in mind, I’m not saying, in this scenario, they pull a Deckard Shaw and make him a good guy. I’m saying, over and above his defeat, I’d like him to regret that smug smile he left us with in the final shot of Infinity War. He’s already one of the best villains in the MCU. This additional layer of remorse would make him top of the pack.
  2. Steve gets his dance with Peggy. I know this is a common theory, what with time travel seemingly in the cards for this film. And I also know that this would seriously screw up the continuity of the timeline. If we pluck a modern-age Steve from our time and plunk him down in 1945, does he put on a disguise and lay low for decades, knowing full well that Hydra is infiltrating Shield? Probably not. They could wipe his memory (not emotionally fulfilling) or they could drop him into an alternate universe (cop out). Not to mention it throws the entirety of Agent Carter into jeopardy as canon. (Though that’s probably not top-of-mind for the film division of Marvel.) I know it would be hard to do effectively, but dang it, I want it!
  3. Reprise Cap’s First Avenger theme. Some of the best moments of the largely lackluster Justice League were the music cues from Wonder Woman, Batman (1989) and Superman (1978). The MCU has precious few memorable musical themes, but one is Captain America March from First Avenger. I want the return of this rousing, old-school theme. Alan Silvestri composed the music, but he didn’t reprise it in The Avengers, Age of Ultron or Infinity War. (Henry Jackman did the music for Winter Soldier and Civil War.) Silvestri could do it for Endgame. Let us movie score nerds have this. Save it for some dramatically appropriate moment and hit me with that theme, and I’ll proabably start crying.
  4. The Return of Agent Coulson. I would have said this is the least likely thing on the list, but Clark Gregg got to reprise the role in Captain Marvel, and, more interestingly, they didn’t do much with him. That seems like a lot of deaging effects to pay for with very little story purpose. I hope that this was a subtle way of reintroducing the character to the movie-going public so that his triumphant reappearance in Endgame wouldn’t be completely out of left field.
  5. Pepper Potts still has Extremis. I think this is just me, but I felt like Iron Man 3 left Pepper’s status very vague. Tony says he “fixed” her. Did that mean removing Extremis, or, as Maya Hansen kept wanting him to do, did he stabilize it? I would totally buy that Pepper would have this power and not want to use it…until it was absolutely necessary. This is the least likely ask on this list, but it would make me so happy.
If I’m wrong about all of these, I won’t be surprised. And I’ll still probably love Endgame more than it is reasonable to love a movie. But if I get even one of these things, it will be a special kind of awesome.

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